Monday, May 29, 2006

Oops! (or "pop goes the blog")

"Where's it all gone?"
"Where..." asks a regular reader of this blog "...have all the posts gone??"

They're gone - they went the way of the delete button. I'd better introduce myself.
Hi all, names Andy. I know you can read it now in at least two places on your screen but I figured I'd try to be polite and helpful anyway.

This is my blog.

So what happened? Is "Andy" a hijacker?

Not really. I'm just a lad who had a blog created for him by some practical joker who thought it would be funny to call himself andy and tell the world what a sexual deviant he is, the god damn...

I'm not getting into all that, it's cool that he set the thing up for me in the first place - i'm far too
lazy to get up to that sorta thing myself so at least he's given me some way of spending some of my free time - which, now that all my free cash is spoken for, is pretty much the only thing I have that's free. Apart from food or TV or Internet access...

...Yes, shock horror, I still (still?!) live with my parents, at the mature age of 21. Hey, it's not all bad, I did actually move into my own place at the start of this year, but had to return home in defeat when the property owner found out that his tenant had let us move in without telling him, and promptly kicked us all out, ending a 10 week young man's dream binge of loud music, big dogs, strong beer, computer games, endless weed, more mates over than you could count, pizza and the occasional police appearance.
It's nothing if not quiet back at my parents house.

But hey, all that disposable income has to go on something - I'm currently in the process of buying a new computer - I was gonna budget £400 for a decent-ish system, and made the mistake of going to overclockers at my brother's advice, where my lack of self control inflated my budget to just over £1k, regardless of whether I have the cash now or not - whatever my brother has is the best, and he takes pride in it. And whatever he has, I have to have better - i'm that sorta guy.

I've already got myself a pretty cool joystick/throttle - I just saw it and had to have it - it'll go fantastically well with the new machine, plus, I always needed a throttle and a rudder, having spent years playing with neither.

Once that's done, I've got to spend some money on the love of my life - she's sexy, she's italian, she's exotic, and she's sure as hell expensive to spend time with - my 1996 Aprilia RS250.
Like any long term partner, she gets my time, she gets my money, and she sure as hell gets my attention. But as soon as you've got her warmed up and on the right roads, damn, I've shaken my head in pity at four stroke riders, only ducati riders come close to knowing how good the RS is to ride...

Anyway, back on the subject.
The blog is looking a bit plain at the minute - I've got to confess, my strength lies in 3D modelling, not HTML, so embarrasingly for me, although I'm building a computer down to the last nut and bolt, I have to work with what I'm given blog-wise, until I figure out how to modify it. And for readers of the first draft of this - I know the hyperlinks didn't work - they do now.

Anyway, I hope you found all of the above a tad easier to read than the inane crap that was shoved online without my knowledge by that guy, I would slate him more but I'm feeling residual gratefulness towards him for setting a blog up for me - even if he did do it soleley to make me look an idiot...

Take care, have fun!