Thursday, March 24, 2011


...Yikes, the longer I leave this, the more stuff I have to write to catch up with things.

Yep, it's been a month to the day (more or less (which completely defeats the object of saying "to the day". Oh well)) since I last posted anything up, however, inbetween the big bits of nothing that have been happening, other various events and things were experienced, and so I shall try to remember some to write about.

Hmm. Current affairs. Bloody hell. Coalition warplanes flying over Libya, the Libyan airforce now in tatters, consisting entirely of half a dozen trainee pilots with a handful of rubber bands to twang between them, Gadaffi running off into the middle of the desert with 40/50 however many virgins (isn't he supposed to wait until after death for all that lot?), and he still pops up out of his burning hole in the ground every few days with his megaphone, to proclaim "We are winning ze var!" before ducking back underground to deplete his supply of (either blind, or very rich, by now) virgins.
Still, it'll give your average student activist something to protest about, which is good. Activists are easier to identify as assholes when they're visibly protesting about something.

In other news, the past week or two have been filled with news stories about tsunamis and earthquakes and exploding nuclear reactors, all happening, completely unfairly, to the same country at the same time.
Yep, things aren't all that great in Japan. Let's hope the folks get back on their feet sooner rather than later.

Ever remember when you were little, and you thought that the future was this golden thing full of awesomeness and light and fun?


In computer land, things are going pretty well.

I went to college one day and asked if I could borrow a surplus motherboard to use in a test rig I was building at the time. of course, being a dell motherbouard, it only fits in Dell systems. So to use the board I had to borrow everything attached to it.

Before I knew it, I was lugging a 15 kilo Dell tower PC through the rather pleasant studenty part of town.

"OMG No wai!" I hear you cry, no, I did not get given a fully working system.
The tutor's rather liberal interpretation of recycling and sales policy seemed to go along the lines of:

"We shouldn't give working systems away. We can give scrap away. If that computer is fully complete, minus a power supply, it's classed as not working. Therefore take it home and put a power supply in it".

Which was done.

In the past few weeks I've now upgraded every bit of the computer that I can upgrade, and it's not a bad little system. If only I could figure out what to do with a completely functioning but completely surplus computer.

I guess it's fun to take to bits and reassemble every now and again. Either way, I managed to turn a halfhearted arsing around 10 minutes fitting a power supply, into a full-blown in-depth 7 and a half hour reconditioning the system completely, rebuilding it from the ground up, and writing up in great detail, all my work in the process.

Look. See? Shiny! I was pretty pleased with the way that it turned out, and it seems to have been almost universally complimented on its content and layout. Both my tutors had a little chat with each other and then with me, after agreeing that I should consider looking into a carreer as a technical documentation writer.
I'll think about that maybe, but at the minute my priority is getting on with this course. I'm also going to see if I can get my name on the waiting list for the course subsequent to this one, which again, is two certificates, each worth £££.

Finance wise, I'm now broke. I have no source of income whatsoever. The job center have decided that since I'm studying on a (2 day a week) part time course, I'm not looking for a job, and therefore am not eligible for financial support. But all the terms and conditions I signed up to at the start still apply as long as I'm on their books.

In actual fact, I am still looking for a job, and tomorrow I intend to explain to these lovely people that if I'm not eligible for financial support anyway, they can shove their terms and conditions where the sun doesn't shine.
I'm not going to word it like that obviously, cos I'm a nice person.

But yes, at the minute, my income comes solely from scavenging spare parts from broken systems and selling them on the eBays. Difficult when my spare stuff comes from only one source, and of course I'm careful not to monopolise the scrap pile - other people want extra bits too. So hey.

In other news, We've all been spending a lot of time with my nephew, in fact it was his birthday not long after the last blog entry. Off we went to laser quest, and we had 2 awesome games of running around, zapping each other with lasers, and generally having lots of fun.

I got the awesome score, coming in first place, with an extra bonus for "stupendous accuracy", which was 12%. Okay I spose, considering that ammo conservation doesn't apply, and especially considering that the average accuracy is 6%.

The second round, I came in 8th out of 9. Even my ickle nephew beat me heh.
I'm not sure what went wrong there. Whether it was cos everyone ganged up on me, whether I wasn't able to use mobility to great effect (in the first game everyone else was walking round slowly while I was ninja-ing all around the mezzanine (heh!), which we decided we weren't going to include in the play area for the second game), or whether I was simply unlucky, I dunno. It was good fun either way.

Later on, we had a beautiful spring day, so my nephew got suited up in his finest Armouron armour and off we went to the park for some questing. This basically consisted of him running around fighting trees while I stood close to make sure he didn't do anything dangerous or whatever. A nice time was had by all.
Later on, his parents brought his remote control boat around, and we spent an hour or two sailing round the lake...


Bugger I have (what is probably the first of many over the summer) a huge moth in my room. A grand moth even. I shall call him Tarkin.
BRB getting moth out of room.
There. Now Grand Moth Tarkin is sat on my window waving his little antennae in gratitude.

So yeah.

My sister brought her PC monitor round so I could use it to set up her computer which I was getting ready for her, and for a short and kinda cool time, I actually had two PCs working at the same time in my room, which was fun. The whole place looked a bit like a workshop at times, I have to admit. But it was cool. I spent the evening at her house the other day setting the computer up and getting it all working together, and it works like a treat.

So yeah. To summarise:
  • I got more free computer stuff.
  • The weather is turning nice.
  • I am rotten stinking stoning stinking broke and selling my possessions to stay afloat.
Here is a picture of my cute little CPU collection. I haven't included the AMD X2 64 in there because my computer needs it to function.
I was going to put in another bunch of pictures, but they're just more computery ones of computers in various stages of disassembly :-).

Oh well, have fun. I'll try to report in when stuff gets interesting :-).

EDIT: There was a post following on from this entitled "Heads up".
I've deleted it because it's a load of rubbish :-).