Thursday, September 06, 2007

A great loss for opera

As the news is no doubt by now loudly proclaiming, in the past couple of hours, Italian tenor Luciano Pavorotti has died following a battle with pancreatic cancer, at the age of 71.

I can't say that I've been to any of his concerts, nor have I seen him live, at all, but I am aware that Pavarotti was and has been for a long time, considered one of the great singers of opera, from his rousing rendition of nessun dorma at the world cup, which made him an instant star, to his work with two other artists as part of the "Three tenors", and even before then, he was an accomplished artist.

I didn't follow Pavarotti's carreer, or his personal life, admittedly I never emphatically followed his style of music. But those that did will no doubt be mourning a great loss today, as one of our opera greats passes away, leaving a hole in the operatic world, that will not be filled for some time.

For what it is worth, although I didn't particularly listen to Pavarotti, I was aware of his standing as a singer, and for that reason, I will be mourning his passing, as I suspect, will many thousands of others.

Rest in peace big guy.
It's a sad day for music.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Bike Bitz!

Okay, so I'm now determined to get my bike on the road again.
I've browsed round a few websites, to try to get parts, and have found to my horror, in true Aprilia fashion, that I couldn't get both the parts I needed for less than £50 - £50 for an Electrical brake light switch, and a choke cable.

So I've done some shopping round, picked up the brake light switch for £17, from the original site, but - get this, I've found a joblot - the entire choke assembly, not just the cable, for... £13.49 inc everything!

That's 40% off aprilia prices just by shopping round, AND I got extra bits that I wasn't otherwise going to get!

So now the parts are ordered, and they should arrive erm... At some time in the indeterminate future :).