Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nearly One Year On...

Okay, so I've been away a while. Had various real-world things to concentrate on, and the longer I left the blog, the harder it was to get back into it. Too much explaining and backstory to do, and so after talking with a friend, I'm going to take his advice, namely to pick up from where I am now, and leave most of the past 12 months in the dark.

So let's pretend that I've been updating the blog regularly, and we'll pick up from um, last week.

The Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection is now on issue three, and knowing that the ickle nephew really likes them, I went down to asda on thursday and came back with two copies. One for myself, one for uhm, later in the year. So I've now bought my first Christmas present, and in another week and a half, I'll be buying my second when I get him issue 4. Of course, he doesn't know any of this so "his" copies are hidden carefully out of sight. I said initially that I wouldn't be buying into the collection, but lo and behold, I fell for the clever trap that is the first issue being 80% cheaper than the rest. And so, like a little street urchin who's just been given a free sample of drugs, off I went to create problems for myself.
I don't mind, they've got some really cool stuff in the works, and the price (£10 per issue, every 2 weeks) really isn't that bad. I hope to have a decent collection as time goes on.

My bike continues to behave well and has cleaned up beautifully. You'd never guess that she is 10 years old to look at her, and she makes the floor rumble wherever she goes.
I've been out on a few outings during the summer, and have spent plenty of time up at the local bike pub in the company of some other riders. As the nights draw in and the temperature begins to drop, she's spending less and less time on the road, but that's only to be expected. I'm hoping to add some sparkly bits before I take her out for the spring again in March. I'm going to do an oil change and get her some new tyres around the same time as her MOT is due.

My two other major projects this year have been continuing my studying (I'm working my way through the textbooks and have been doing plenty of lab work as well), and working on my Minecraft town that I started work on last October. After 11 months of work, it's pretty big with plenty to see and explore, and as time goes on it's only going to get bigger and more intricate. I'm now planning a sort of spooky Halloween decoration for the end of next month, as well as a commemorative 1 year anniversary building to be completed on the 365th day.
So yeah. Things seem to be plodding along, and now the nights are setting in, I'm hunting for Christmas presents for everyone else as well. It'll be interesting to see what I come up with :). Spreading out the spending over the months should hopefully help me increase my christmas present budget this time round.

So yeah, let's see how things go.