Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas?

Well, we had the Sheffieldbikers christmas do the other day, which was pretty good, we all had lots to drink and denis got lots of shooting for the video done. Loads of beer was drank and lots of music was danced to, it was really cool.

I went to work on saturday, worked two hours of what I thought was an eight hour shift, only to be told that I had in fact booked the day off some six months earlier and had completely forgotten about it - not helped at all by the fact it wasn't on a printout of my holiday days. So I went home and had a nap.
I also got my bike on the road, after finding my keys in the stupidest of places a while ago. I was fortunate enough to get down to see my brother yesterday, but unfortunatley for me, my first ride out in months was on a freezing cold day, on the day the local team happened to be playing at home, resulting in massive tailbacks. While normally a bike can sail through traffic, the traffic was very severe indeed and I ended up sat in the middle of the road freezing my nuts off. Anyway...

My bike is all back on the road, just in time for christmas, and I've got a lovely sparkly purple (why did they choose purple?!) tax disc to fit onto her tomorrow, as her one and only christmas present.

My fitness continues to stay generally adequate although I am becoming progressively less skinny. Don't get me wrong if I lay down I can see my ribs, but if I'm sat up, I can't see my belt buckle very well. Time for some more exercise I reckon.

Well I've just said bye to my cousins and uncle and aunt, that side of the family, after spending a good 45 minutes showing off my computer to my younger cousins. Before that though, we've had a fairly decent family day - my nephew, sister, brother and brother's partner all came round, at which point I was conscripted into various family activities, such as baking with my nephew who has now learned to count up to 19 - admittedly once he gets past 12 he counts 16,15,19,14 but hey it's more than I did at that age. Probably.

Now these guys have a little christmas tradition, whereby every christmas eve, they send a dude round dressed as santa, on the back of a sleigh being towed by a pickup - not exactly 9 snorting gliding furry reindeer, but we always told my 2 year old nephew that this was because they were just sleeping ready for the long flight tonight - I think he bought it. Anyway, me and my mum, sister and brother's other half (sister in law or...?) came along to see this, and to take my nephew to see it, where he always gets given a brief audience with "santa" concluding in, in this case, a "chomp" chocolate bar.

Anyway, I was rambling on a bit there, but I suppose I'm winding down after a fairly pleasant family day, looking forward to tomorrow and in true christmas-eve fashion, not tired at all. So tomorrow we'll be doing the usual, might go out for a ride on the bike, but first of all I want to see my nephew open the presents i've got him - err, I mean Santa's got him. If he caught me saying that he'd be horrified hehe.

So now I'm going to go and do other random stuff, might grab some food, might get a drink or whatever, I fancy a nice bath and then going to bed. Looking forward to waking up tomorrow and spending a nice, well, pleasant-ish day with the family. If anyone is reading these blogs, and I'm not so certain that they are, while tomorrow will probably have been and gone long before you get round to reading the latest instalment (!), I hope you have/are having/had a very nice Christmas '06 too.

Merry Christmas.