Thursday, December 31, 2009

That time of year again...

21:24: ...well someone's started the fireworks early.

After a day of looking after my nephew (not really a challenging task as it consists mostly of putting Zoo Tycoon on for him and leaving him to it for an hour or 12)...

23:09: Must stop getting distracted.
So yeah, after an uneventful day of tidying up, playing Walking Legs - scoring 9 flag captures to 0 (until my nephew randomly changed team on my behalf, giving the team I'd just left a chance to lose for a while) and scoring over 350 kills to the most skilled bot's 40ish - and generally keeping the little guy happy it seems to be a peaceful and quiet end to the year.
So 2009, what's happened in it.

I've bought plenty of camera stuff over the course of the year, I've settled well into what was at the start of the year, a new job, I've had the very unnerving experience of being completely offline for ten or so days, and my fitness has gone up and down, up and down, with my army application crawling along at a snail's pace.

There have been plenty of other things too, but if you want more detail you'll have to find it in my blogs further down the page.

Yeah, 2009, not a bad year, not a great year, but I've had much worse :-).
Let's hope 2010 is the year that changes everything. For the better!

So to all of you out there, in whatever time zone you currently happen to find yourself in, all the best for the coming of (or just past) midnight, and all the best for this/next year :-).
I'll be back after the clock strikes 12 :-).

Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas Day!!!

01:18: Wow, that's the last of the pressies wrapped.

So where to start from...
Hmm, "this morning" (christmas Eve).

As the roads began to ice over, I got to sleep fairly late, in the expectation that I wouldn't be woken until the late morning, when we went to Morrisons after some of the snow had thawed.
Of course, this is me we're talking about, so I was completely unsurprised and surprisingly unbothered, to be woken up at 05:30 to check on the roads, to see whether the snow would pose a problem.

As it happened, apparently they would, as despite the fact that the odd car or van was zooming up and down the top road, after some discussion between my dad, my dad and my dad, w/he decided that it would be unsafe to go to Morrisons.

After the odd couple of arguments, mostly by me - a great big stickler for rigidly following christmas traditions (but no other traditions, odd, seems maybe christmas is the big rock of sanity in my life), I went downstairs to calm down, only to see that the light snow had in fact become extremely heavy over the course of the hour, and the light snow had now turned into several inches of settled lovely fluffy crunchy snow.

Eventually we headed off to the local shop, but midway changed our mind, with me being told that I was going to Morrisons in the next town.
Having not planned to be "going out", I didn't have my camera with me, which (at christmas, and especially on christmas eve which is a big family occasion), and I was horrified.

But as time passed, I calmed down in the cafe at the local Morrisons and within ten seconds of my ickle nephew turning up, I was in a cheery mood. Sure it wasn't "OUR" morrisons but we had fun shopping as a family.

I spent the rest of the day after returning, trying to get some sleep while my nephew played on my computer, alternating between "Walking Legs (Unreal Tournament 3)", and Zoo Tycoon. I spent a good 5 hours or so in that lovely warm fuzzy state where you're not asleep, but you're not awake either.

My ex-neighbour had come along with her kids, who once little, are now getting on towards 13 and 15. The dude kept my ickle nephew company, spending most of the day watching the lil guy playing Walking Legs, and trying to persuade everyone to let him install UT3 on his laptop.

I finally managed to grab a little sleep, only to be shouted awake with the news that Father christmas was about to turn up on his sleigh.
this he did, and the little guy managed to get a Flake Chocolate bar, while one of my mates wandered around handing out mince pies and buns, which was kind of awesome of him.

I even managed to get the little dude to help me sprinkle the reindeer food outside the front of the house.

Eventually though, time to go off to work, and the day started slowly.
I took about three deliveries all night, and was in a foul mood, until a lovely nice kind woman paid for a £23 order with a £10 and a £20, telling me to keep the change, which was kind of awesome of her.

The night improved as time went on, we sold out of stock pretty quickly, and closed about 9pm.
I was surprised to be told we could have a beer after we'd closed, and sure enough as we closed, one thing led to another, and before I knew it, an impromptu christmas party appeared in our restaurant. A few of us disappeared off to the local off licence/liqor store, and returned to hand around beers, and JD and cokes, drinking all of the above with great merriment.
We left work in a very cheerful mood.

I wandered home through the next estate, listening to lovely christmas music, drinking my lovely christmas beer, and looking at all the sparkly and shiny christmas lights outside the various houses.
On my way home I took a second detour through the local park, which was perfectly white and glistening with still-undisturbed snow. I tried my hand at making a snowball, and managed to come up with a nice shiny almost perfectly spherical snowball by the time I got back.

I stuck it on a fencepost outside the house.
Maybe it's still there.

I came in, helped myself to one of my mum's awesome quiches, swept up the reindeer food, and came up here. Since then I've been sat wrapping christmas presents, drinking christmas beer and looking forward to - what is now - the main part of what is now today.

I had a nice time the other day with my mum, wandering around Meadowhall looking for nice christmas presents, and while I'm not going to go into detail about it, I thought I'd mention it, entirely for my own benefit, so I can be reminded of it when I read this again.

One thing that I did wish - sort of - I'd bought as a present, was something from a model shop.
You'll remember I gave my brother a photo of the "Jedi Plane" (G-JEDI), well the shop was selling a perfectly detailed model of that very plane, right down to the awesome registration number.

Of course, my brother's desk is probably like mine. Filled with touchscreens, technology, and other alliterative awesomeness.

Still. I guess I'm gonna sit back and chill out for a bit. Got to be up at 8 to get the house ready for everyone :-).

But before I go, I'll take the opportunity to wish anyone reading this - particularly my awesome friends Lexi, McGee, Ryon if he's still around, David Whatsisface, and any others that are sitting about, an aesome and completely christmassy christmas.

Hope you all get lots of presents!

I'll update this as time goes on!

Bye for now :-).

23:00: Wow, what a day.

I woke up about 8am, and wandered downstairs ready to get the living room ready for christmas. Even as I set the place up, I noticed the distinctive shapes of the packaging of a few things i'd asked for for Xmas. Woo, I hadn't opened a single present and I already know that I'd been given two of the presents on my list, which was cool.

After half an hour of arsing about fetching presents from everywhere, and struggling to determine where everyone was going to sit, my sister and ickle nephew arrived.

Shortly after, my brother and his other half turned up, with our grandad, and after a short while, we were sat down and ready to start opening presents.

Time passed, and I did indeed open both my Eikon fingerprint reader, and my 52mm UV Filter.
I also asked for Eddie Izzard's "Stripped" tour on DVD, but was awesomely surprised to find myself opening a boxed set of all 7 of his tours on DVD (not including Live at the Ambassador's, which Eddie said would never ever be put on DVD).

One of the first presents I opened was a huge new lovely warm egyptian cotton duvet, bought by my sister, which is great because it's about time I upgraded my bed. Eventually, I opened my Terry's Chocolate Oranges (self-addressed-present) to people#'s considerable amusement which was awesome.

So from my personal presents receiving point of view, Christmas '09 was fantastic. I got a load of stuff including all but one of the items on my Xmas list (3 out of 4 items :P)

My grandad bought me a really cool jacket, that rather oddly, has a zip up the centre of both the front and the back. I can only assume that the jacket is available in different colours, and you are able to zip different coloured halves of each jacket together. My bro and his fiancee were responsible for the Eddie Izzard DVD, as well as some really cool beering stuff, including my very own personalised drinking tankard, personalised drinks coasters and personalised bottle opener.
My mum and dad got me a wide variety of stuff, including the aforementioned print reader, and photographic filter.
I also got some more stuff from Visibledust, in this case, an Arctic Butterfly electric sensor cleaner (which I've just learned from their site, seems to be horrifyingly expensive!!). I also got a load of books, from them including a couple which look quite funny, and my nephew/sister bought me some alcohol, and of course, a huge toblerone.
So yeah, from a purely selfish point of view a good day, but I was more involved than that.
The Bag I bought for my sister seems to have gone down quite well, and my mum seemed very fond of both her new earrings and her smelly candle stuff. I wanted to buy my brother's other-half a Black Eyed Peas album, but despite being shipped last week sometime, it still hasn't turned up. As a make-do IOU, I bought and wrapped up a can of "Black-eyed beans, in water, 350g" from Morrison's yesterday. Fortunately, the joke went down pretty well.
The most fantastic present given to anyone that day would seem to be Khet, a present from me to my brother. Turns out he'd seen it online, and having decided it was incredibly cool, spent a while trying to get it before christmas, to no avail (all places everywhere in the world sold out completely). I had the game sitting on top of my wardrobe waiting for the big day for maybe the last 5 or 6 months, at a guess, and I don't think I've ever seen him so happy to receive a present. So woo, seems it cheered both of us up. We played a couple of games after we cleared away the empty boxes and wrapping paper and stuff. My nephew also took to his new playmobil, and seems to like it loads which is pretty cool, but the lego which my brother bought him has taken center stage, which is also pretty cool. The lil guy's getting good at putting the models together now.

Christmas Dinner was great, my nephew didn't want his soup so I got 2 lots of soup and extra bread, which was great. The melon that preceded it was nice, and I had a nice meal afterwards of turkey and cranberry and whatnot.
Still haven't had any christmas pudding yet though!

Since then I've alternated between playing with my nephew, tidying up after him, playing with my new stuff, tidying up after myself, and generally collapsing slowly, as the accumulated sleep-debt of the last few days begins to catch up with me.

But despite the hazards and pitfalls and downright unpleasantness of early yesterday morning, today has been absolutely fantastic, and has gone extremely well.

Just before my nephew went, We let him in on a surprise I'd been keeping for him. Handing him a letter, I explained to him that the letter included a treasure map, and that if he found the treasure, he'd get to keep it.
After a short time, he found the treasure (itself made from a gold-painted box with gems, filled with a load of chocolate coins, a load of plastic coins, and a load of imitation pearls and jewellry and whatnot), as well as a note directing him to look elsewhere in the room. Once he found it, he opened it to find his Chipod.

Again, he seemed pleased with his latest acquisition.

Well, now I think I'm going to have a beer in my nice new beer mug thing, and I'm going to chill out and watch the latest Eddie Izzard DVD.

Have fun folks, hope you all had an awesome christmas :-).

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Fog Blog! (Xmas eve!!!)

Wow, the fog!!!

16:43: Having just been woken up with the warning "Father Christmas coming in 15 minutes!!!1!!1!11one" I've leapt out of bed to write this.
And so I am with my cute ickle nephew bounding around my bed for some reason, I'm going to perform the dual tasks of getting ready for work AND getting ready to take my ickle nephew out :-).

17:09: Well you've heard the phrase "christmas comes early", in this case it was true, with father christmas on his van outside before we got to the front door.
A brief spell in the foggy snowy coldness outside, listening to the happy christmas tunes from santa's sleigh, and my ickle nephew was given a miniature Flake chocolate bar :-).

Well, I'd best be getting ready to go to work, I'll write more after I get back.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kerrist, it's cold!!!

"You're stating the obvious, hahahaha".

Shut up.
This is England, a country where earlier THIS YEAR, we had 4 inches of snow in february, and less than EIGHT weeks later, sweltered in 35C (95F) heat.

But Kerrist, it's been cold this weekend.

Last night was nothing special. I wandered off to work listening to happy christmas tunes, crunching through the already-melting snow.
and out I went, into the night, delivering here there and everywhere, slippety-sliding down hills, freezing my butt off, and getting (secretly) first angry, then frustrated, then bemused, then amused, as customer after customer looked out of their door at my frost-covered bike, at the little snow that remained, coming down, at me shivering my ass off, and somewhere in their mind the little light that lit up the button labelled "give this poor kid a tip" never really came on.

Four hours into a five hour shift - in the snow - on the ice - on a bike! - was when I got my first tip. Having mentioned to the woman that "you're the first person to say [keep the change] all night", she snorted and spat "some people just don't think".

"That's not for me to say" I said, professionally and politely.
"Not while I'm still being paid anyway". Which made her laugh.

I'm only human, and I'm allowed to show it. A big plus over my last job. Look - here's a video with some of my ex work colleagues in it.

I got home last night, to find my computer on standby (After I turned it off), and my room a general mess (after I cleaned it). Turned out my ickle lovable nephew had been in wanting to play Zoo Tycoon, and having been unable to find my mouse, had gone to search my room for it.
Must have been a shock when the cupboard door came off in his hand (it's been broken for a while).

Of course, I couldn't find my mouse either, and I was convinced the little guy had nicked it.
So gently, I woke him from his sleepyness and figured he'd be more co-operative if I could have him offering to help, rather than admitting his guilt.

"I think my computer mouse has run off, can you help me find it?"

So the little guy got dressed and looked around with me and we couldn't find it. Eventually I found it in my wardrobe, right where I left it.
Feeling guilty, I wrapped the little guy up in blankets, and hesat there, cheerily eating Milky Way Magic Stars while I showed him various exciting (to him) christmas videos, and then off to bed.

I got woken this morning, several times, by the little dude wanting to play the lego game.

Course I left the little guy to it. Eventually my dad seemed to take great pleasure in telling my that I had to get up and go out with her. Various arguments ensued, including the point at which my nephew was told he'd have to abandon the zoo game and go downstairs.

Nephew + Computer = happiness
Nephew + Computer - Computer = Instant tantrum.

Anyway, we had the usual family flobwallops (new word) and eventually we went out, but not before my ickle nephew turned up at the door wearing an awesome little "mummy's little helper" apron. Off to do some baking, they were.

And off we went, my sister and I, to town.
We managed to park up, bimble around the toy section, and then eventually escape from the... well, grannified, as my sister would put it, nexus of shopping that is John Lewis, in Sheffield city center.
Yep, we were surrounded left and right by junior call center managers with upwardly mobile ambitions, and even as we moved from floor to floor, you could see the glint in their eye that suggested that buying such and such a gift would move them from an expendable level of middle management, to a slightly more intimate, slightly less expendable, slightly less appropriate level of aspiring very-junior-senior-management....

No, the place wasn't quite like that, but still.

We wandered around the shops, where I satisfied another christmas tradition, by buying two Terry's Chocolate Orange - one normal one and one "snowball" (white chocolate) one.
While waiting to pay I dropped the "snowball" and in the process of trying to catch it, accidentally flung it at the woman in front of me.

Well, as she said, I was the first person to throw a snowball at her this christmas :-P.

One thing I also bought was quite cute - I bought a packet of "reindeer food". "Colourful crystals and oats". I've already got it figured out, the oats are to feed the reindeer, the crystals make them fly. I want to sprinkle it outside the front of the house with my ickle nephew on Christmas Eve.

I managed to get a few presents while I was in town, though I'm still wating for the playmobil spare parts I ordered to turn up. My sister still has no clue about what she wants for christmas, which is mildly worrying because it's the big day in four days' time.

I managed to get to work only 15 minutes late after leaving it a little late to set off home, and sodding hell did the weather turn foul. The night was fairly quiet to begin with, but over the next couple of hours, a little drizzle came down, which turned into flurries of nice lovely sleet, making me wet, and cold.
The water washed away the rest of the snow, ending a nice little part of Christmas.

I didn't do too badly for tips though, and came home in a cheery mood, relaxing with some beer.
I woke up early this afternoon, to look out of the window to see...

Snow! Lots of snow! Inches of it! It wasn't long before the first cars appeared, struggling to get into their driveways and whatnot. I was sent out to distribute the christmas cards to the local houses, and took the opportunity to wander round in the snow.
I don't think I've ever seen the place so quiet. I spent about 2 hours just wandering round the local (and not so local) streets, discovering alleyways and shortcuts to places I didn't even know existed. Eventually I decided to head back home, walking in snow for 2 hours being quite tiring and whatnot, but not before I tried to make a huge snowball in the local park (only to find that the snow is that powdery stuff that doesn't stick together very easily - not that this stopped the creators of any of the dozens of snowmen I saw while on my travels...

It started to snow, just as I got home.

So yep, I'm off to have a nap, and then I suspect I might go round for a wander in the snow again tomorrow :-).

Have fun :-).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chestnuts, Open Fires, and All

Meh. I hate colds.
It's been a bit of a poor fortnight, health wise.

One day I was changing my watch strap and managed to nearly slice the bloody end of my thumb off. A couple of days later I cut my finger on the same hand. THEN I got a mouth ulcer, THEN I got a cold. 51 weeks since my last one though so my health track record isn't THAT bad.

Why should you care? You shouldn't really, but I do. On the bright side, a cold is the worst thing to happen to me all year so I can't really complain :-).

Though it has been pretty crappy, what with the whole headachy sneezy congesty whatnotiness snotiness, which sounds like the name of a Roman general.

I went to a nice Christmas Do, last night. I apparently made myself popular enough with my colleagues at my last job, to be invited to their Christmas do, over a year since I left the company. Yay, go me.
The night was pretty nice though, the food was fantastic, the only hiccup was when I ran out of loose change and had to use plastic to order a beer, and since the minimum spend on card was £5, I had to get two beers instead. Hardly something to complain about.

I did spend £10 out of my tips jar though, so I woke up dutifully, earlier today - (really? I thought I could write blogs in my sleep - I should, they'd be interesting - thanks to eating a little bit of cheese each night before bed, some of my dreams are VERY interesting) - and proceeded to set off to the shops to withdraw £10 to put back in the jar. Cos I'm good at accounting like that, apparently.

I wandered out looking at what seemed to be a normal wintry/wintery (?) sunrise. And then grinned as I looked down the road, to see that the wintery sunrise actually occupied about an eighth of the sky - the part directly outside my window - and everywhere else was covered with very dark, very purposeful lead-grey clouds.

I wandered off to the shops and before I'd even got there, it started drizzling. And yet, noticing that this drizzle seemed sharper than usual, I glanced at a streetlight, to see illuminated around it, a flurry of the winter's first snow.

The snow got pretty heavy on the way back, though it seems to have died off temporarily. Still, put a smile on my face.

So what Christmassy stuff have I been up to?

Well I started my little alcoholic advent calendar (calendar with alcohol, not a calendar for alcoholics - I checked online, I exhibit one of the nine criteria required for being an alcoholic, so it's official, I don't have a drink issue :P) yesterday evening. I put the Whisky Cream and Kakao in the drinks cabinet, because I'm not going to touch them this year, on account of them being crap, which made it an eight-day countdown.

Today's drink was Ferro China, bottle number 3 apparently, which was vaguely pleasant and drinkable. Even as I finished the last drops I reflected that it wasn't as good as last year's blog made it out to be, but it was quite pleasant, and I probably wouldn't be getting any more, so I was mindful to enjoy what little I had.

I also took what I think is probably my best christmas photo ever. Again it's not so much about technical quality (though the exposure seems pretty sharp) as the content of the image, and I love the colours and the whole warm cozy christmas feeling of this one. The Living Room is purple because of the red lights from the wall lights and tree, mixing with the blue lights in the window. It seems others are getting into the christmas spirit, with my lovely friend Lexi secretly slinking off to drink Eggnog straight from the carton.

My bedroom turned out pretty well with christmas lights, and the rest of the decorations have finally gone up. The whole process was pretty painless, and I even decorated most of the big tree myself, which was a novelty.
One other thing I got up to was making a start on wrapping my Xmas presents. I've not wrapped the big playmobil presents yet because I'm waiting for a few spare parts to arrive from playmobil (£4.50ish for 9 parts, including postage - can't complain!). Once that's done, I'll get it wrapped and away.

Well, I'm off to exist for the rest of the day (which despite the snow earlier, is shaping up to be an extremely clear and bright - if extremely cold - day), and with some luck I won't miss The Bill tonight, as I have for the past three weeks. Hopefully my resurrected Ipaq (yes, this one "died" too, due to an EXTREMELY low battery - had to do a hard reset and lost all my contacts) will be able to remind me in time.

Finally, I'm going to "put" a christmas shout out to my mate McGee, if he still reads this. I haven't heard a lot from him recently, though despite his return to the UK, he's feeling a little down, so here's thinking of you bud, hope you got stuff sorted.

Have fun all :-).

Oh, as a tiny miniature christmas gift, here is a link to the Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special.

A lovely christmassy episode :-). Quite warm and fuzzy :-).

20:32 Update: Well, after a freezing day, with intermittent snowfall, we now have about a centimetre of snow on the roads, roofs, paths, trees, cars, and other assorted horizontal sky-facing surfaces of all manners. Thanks to the freezing cold, the paths AND the roads are also covered in ice, which means that the snow as it lands is now settling on anything it touches.

If this keeps up, we should be in for a white day tomorrow. Hopefully I won't get sent out on the scoots!

00:02 Update: Woop Woop! I've just been paid! Now I can sort out the rest of the Xmas pressies :-). And I can go to Princes Risborough, if I wanted to, which I don't, so I don't know why I mentioned it.
The snow's been coming down in varying degrees of severity and at one point was actually coming down pretty heavily.

Today's randomly selected Christmas countdown drink is the good old "Water from Penis Mountain". Well, it says "Amaro Monte Penice" but we all know what they meant :).

Miaow! Which is like ciao, but fluffier.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Merry 200th!!

15:43 So folks, this is the big 200, the 200th post on this blog. Crikey, I didn't realise I spent that much time writing the thing. Still...

I'm not going to waffle on about where the last 3 (or so) years have seen me, if you're that interested there's plenty of stuff that goes into all that in more depth than I could here, given my memory, or lack thereof, patience, and time. Needless to say, the blog's proven pretty valuable to me, if only because it allows me to sit and look back, through rose tinted spectacles, at various things that have happened, in the true "Haha I lost my job wasn't that funny. Hey, look at this I had to be victimised by a dentist for hours hehe that was fun" sort of way.

I'm not going to drink loads of celebration beer, because I did that the other day, and had quite an enjoyable time.

So what am I going to do instead? Well, I'm just about to get all the christmas gubbins down from the loft. So I'm gonna go get a drink, wait for my dad to get out of the way, and then get on with it.

16:52: Still haven't got on with it. Have spent the past hour and a half preparing my computer for a major backup. Gonna do a deep system virus scan too which should take until about 1am. Just backing up some stuff to CD and then off I go to do this christmassy stuff :-).

18:09: Well, that's the christmas decorations down. I think I've figured out which ones are mine, though even as I speak I'm struggling to find any signs of wear and tear (or stickyback velcro, which usually covers any possessions of mine that I might feel compelled to stick to nearby vertical surfaces) that my lights have (a couple of broken bulbs, nothing serious).

Fortunately for me, I'm amazed to see that my christmas candle arch works straight out of the box, with none of the burned-out bulbs that seem to plague christmas illuminations everywhere.

Still, I'll crack on and see if I've got what I think I've got, lights-wise.

18:21: that's the lights untangled, now to find some tape to stick em up. Oh, and a three-way socket.

19:46: After messing about for a long while, I managed to dig out a four-way socket that I thought I needed behind my desk. 40 interminable minutes later, I'd got the lights stuck up and arranged nicely, and they've just this second been switched on, for the first time. It feels more christmassy already. Now to tidy up after myself.

01:17: Well, I'm sitting here in my nice tidy room, looking forward to going to bed later.
The little christmas lights are twinkling away in their electrical type way, and shortly I'm going to be putting some supper in the microwave.

So what else has happened recently? Well, my sister and I decided to go shopping for christmas presents a couple of days ago, so off we went. We had a pretty good time, and took the time to participate in welcoming the Light Dragoons back from Afghanistan, as they marched through the town center, to cheers and applause.

I didn't really spend a great deal of money, I got a couple of christmas pressies (and a cool new razor), but that was about it.

I returned to find a card shoved through the door by the postman, saying that he'd called round while we were out, and that I'd have to collect my parcel.
The parcel, is an ebay auction that I won, for loads and loads of playmobil stuff for my ickle nephew.

We collected it the following morning, and went round Wentworth Garden Centre's playmobil section to see if there was any cool stuff there.
There was.
There always is.
But both of us are approaching being broke, about now, so it's debatable whether there's any more to buy, playmobil wise.

But hey, a look at the playmobil that arrived. I think it's fantastic. The little guy wanted an airport, he's getting an airport :-D.

On a related note, my dad has asked me to show him where to buy my christmas presents from, and says he'll buy them. Kinda spoils the surprise I guess, on the other hand, it's nice to know that they're on their way.

As for my christmas list, I'd show you. It's lovely handwritten calligraphy on parchment and it took me hours, but my mum has cleverly lost it. Meh.

Still, just for you, here is my christmas list:

Well, I'm off to make a cup of tea, and to get some spaghetti bologneise (and toast, yum).
Here is a slideshow of my nephew's awesome playmobil (the plane and helicopter are last year's xmas pressie - the rest is new :-D - remember as always, this blog is nephew-proof - restricted area, no nephews allowed! :-)

Oh and finally, here is another pressie I bought.
His name is "DeskTriceratops". I was thinking of starting a cult of personality based around him.
If a science fiction author can invent a religion from scratch, surely I can get people worshipping a plush dinosaur?

Over to you :-D.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Off out!

09:25: Right, despite a thoroughly filthy horrible wet and nasty night (during which I got completely soaked at work), and an even worse filthy horrible early morning with incredibly heavy rain that woke me up (though when I got back to sleep I did manage to have a really cool dream where I got to fly in the back fo a Hughes 500D), I hve woken up feeling slightly rested and quite cold, and apparently we're now off out, to good old Kelham Island :-).

Updates to follow :-).

01:19: Well, after a rainy start, the day brightened up, and turned into one of those lovely wintry days, bright blue sky, very bright sun, cold wind etc etc.
We met my nephew (sister, brothers fiancee etc) there, to my nephew's delight, and started looking round the various stalls and exhibits.
We wandered round looking at things, my nephew drew some lovely pictures and made a christmas cracker, and I took the opportunity to have "Soupandaroll" (all one word), which unfortunately came out of the soup container at about 356 degrees C and was still hot enough to burn my mouth several hours later.

There was a momentary blip when as with last year, we ended up splitting into two seperate groups, each unable to find the other, but by the time we got reunited, my nephew was ready to go on some fairground rides, which he did.

All in all, a nice family morning out, and was quite enjoyable :-). Now I've got to get some sleep and I'm going to go to this here christmas concert thing later on, which should be nice.

I've imported some of the photos, they'll all need procesing so I'll do that at some point . I'm going to have a nap and suchlike, I think :-).


EDIT 03:25 8th December: Here's one photo - More may follow :-). Incidentally, I have uploaded the entire demonstration of the awesome Don Engine. You can see it here.