Sunday, October 15, 2006

Yet another harebrained Idea?

Damn, I really need to write more on this thing...

Well, in the past month I've turned my work life around. It took a one to one meeting to get me to do it. My boss's colleague dragged me into a meeting room and tried, manager-style, to find out what was wrong with me, and why I wasn't performing.
I gave my honest opinion I guess, I was totally honest, and totally frank.

"There's no point working mate. I don't want to be here, I don't need this crap, It's just one bloody thing after another. Every damn thing goes wrong and a thousand little things annoy me from as soon as I get into the car park, right up until I get out of here, nine interminable hours later..."

And he says "You know what? You're right. I used to hate working here..." He really gave it the "but give it a go and you'll like it" treatment while I sat there thinking "yeah whatever"...

But I tried it, and it worked.
A second meeting followed, with my immediate boss, where I agreed I'd try my best to turn my flagging performance around. And yeah this is where I say that I performed badly and disappointed everyone? No. I became a superstar. I've got certificates, cans of beer, all sorts of random gifts to prove it, so now I know not only am I actually good at my job, but I'm very good at my job.

Which is a shame, because I'm leaving.

That's right. I'm packing the job in, come 2007 I'll be gone. Why? Because I've had a few revelations at home, seems things aren't as secure as I assumed they were. There are a few major changes in the pipeline, and it seems to have returned our family to the question of income and expense. I was offered a choice:

I stay: and help my family out by increasing my rent a little to cover some additional costs (nowhere near the money I cost my parents in bills, food etc...)

I go: Follow my heart, back into the Army, where I had some bloody amazing times, getting myself a new life in a different job, with different people, in a different county, maybe in a different country, AND I'd cut more than a third off the running costs of this place.

So I've decided to go. I'm using my gym privelidges at my current job to train for my new job. I'm on a diet, I've quit smoking, and I'm down in the gym every single day. When I feel ready, I'm gonna go and join the AAC.

I've never been more excited. It's a brand new carreer with brand new mates, and a totally new way of life. I'll get to work with the WAH-64 at some point if I'm lucky, and even if I never make pilot, it'll still be damn good to get back into the fold...

So that's what I'm training for now, that's what I work towards, as much as I can....

Hope to keep you updated...